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Case Studies

Below is a very small snapshot of work completed over the last 18 months. There are some fantastic stories we would love to share, that have resulted in dramatic sales increases sales and great return on investment for our clients. Unfortunately due to commercial sensitivity, we are unable to share these currently - our clients' IP protection is extremely important to us.

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High Impact Chiller For Fonterra

Fonterra Brands (NZ) Limited – New World Chiller Aisle 

In 2013 Display Group was approached by Fonterra to develop an agency concept for the New World chiller aisle. This involved creating a high impact, visually exciting transformation of the chiller, which will lead to increased sales for the category as a whole.

Our designers reworked the concept into a workable solution that could be manufactured without losing any of the visual impact or adjusting client expectations.

The varied manufacturing processes used in creating this eye catching and functional transformation of the chiller aisle included fibreglass moulding, vacuum forming, LED lighting, digital printing, custom PVC extrusions and developing an E-Paper marketing clip on unit.

The concept was a great success across 9 trial stores, and is now being rolled out nationally to over 100 supermarkets.

“WOW what an exciting morning....Display Group it looks insane.  There is absolutely no doubt that this will transform this category forever!'
Fonterra - Shopper Marketing Manager

Mondelez (ex Cadbury) - Sour Patch Kids Display

Mondelez (NZ) Limited were about to launch the Sour Patch Kids, a new confectionery brand for NZ, and wanted an eye-catching promotional display that could be easily transported by their Promotions Team.

We constructed a 4 foot high fibreglass Sour Patch manikin in four colours and mounted them on a raised metal plinth with logo branding. Vacuum formed bowls were mounted onto the arms to hold the packets of product. The entire display can be assembled and collapsed again easily and quickly making it ideal for in-store promotions.

The Mondelez team loved the characters so much they gave them individual names! No wonder they have been our client for over 30 years.
Sour Patch
Mk2 Command Centre

3M (NZ) Limited – 2 and 4 Bay Command Centre Floor Stands

“The Command Centre floor stand program was implemented as the only below-the-line marketing element for a wider marketing campaign that included print, TV and radio. As a result of this campaign, Command stand products significantly exceeded all sales and profit targets, lifting average unit sales for retailers by 40%”.
Manager - 3M (NZ) Limited

Goodman Fielder Perfect Cheeseboard Category Management Solution

Display Group was approached by Goodman Fielder to design and manufacture a large scale header and category management system that would highlight, educate and clearly categorise their entire cheese selection in supermarket chillers.

Their premium priced range quickly gained an 11% increase in sales after the introduction of this project.
Cheese Barge

The Warehouse Pet House Pilot

Pet House was piloted in two of the Warehouse stores and on the back of their success was rolled out nationwide. Some of the brands within this section had increases of over 40% during the lifespan of this section.
Warehouse Pethouse
MacKenzie Bread Stand

MacKenzie High Country Bread Stands

This design incorporated a rustic charm and the high quality natural materials to reinforce the Tip Top MacKenzie brand in supermarkets across New Zealand. This very successful roll-out has given the MacKenzie bread range fantastic branding and product placement in a very competitive and cluttered market.

Their increased sales clearly demonstrated the power of great point of purchase retail displays.
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